1.  Hola This is rosa!!!
  2. Opa!
  3. It's expensive cuz it's made out of sexy!
  4. When you say mexican i say Spicy Tacos!
  5. Whopee Goldberg lives in Mianus
  6. Yupp, im flying thru the air this is not good.
  7. rawr!... DOWN KAREN!
  8. Dear sweet lord Baby Jesus, Lying in your ghostly manger watching baby einstein learning about shapes nd colors!
  9. Shake n' Bake!
  10. Hop aboard the train of sexiness! CHOO CHOO!
  11. The B-WORD!!!
  12. UNder Dirt!!!
  13. Good evening Maxim!
  14. Pocket Knife!
  15. Sounds lyk something Iwould Say!
  16. wITH, my teeth i will pull the tongue outta your severed head!



  1. Shuga Shnapp!!!
  2. opa!!!
  3. Hott&Warm!
  4. Suck on that!
  5. Stick that in yur juice box nd suck it!
  6. Brand Spankin New!


  1. Three Weeks ago!!
  2. Opaa!!
  3. Maria Quesadilla, Pria Barr!


  1. Opaa!
  2. Hazaa!!
  3. Hooskanoonen Fleeganfloogan!